i was wrong

Dear readers, I would like to say sorry to the readers who love “Along the Taipei River“. Due to editorial errors, this book contains errors. All bugs will be fixed in the next version, we would like to make a special correction to this announcement, thank you.

The publication is presented with the intention of goodwill sharing, conveyed through an entertaining compilation. If readers notice any errors in the graphics, texts, timing, or other information, or you find something we have missed, you are welcome to contact us: thoughts@artofchineseliving.com


第25頁 / 繁體中文版 / 出版日期:2019.10


第44頁 / 繁體中文版 / 出版日期:2019.10



陳進興之路—台灣最長的「犯罪連續劇」 / 繁體中文版 / 出版日期:2019.10